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Between Stereotype and Bad Governance: An Italian Ethnography
Italo Pardo

The Cherries of the Mayor: Degrees of Morality and Responsibility in Local Italian Administration
Giuliana B. Prato

A Curious Article: Touring Multipurpose Venues in Yopougon, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Susann Ludwig

Stories of Survival During and After Covid-19: A Study of a Slum in North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India
Priyadarshini Sen


IUS Field Training School and Research Seminar on Urban Ethnography and Theory: Report and Research Abstracts
Italo Pardo and Giuliana B. Prato

IUS International Conference on Forms of Inequality and the Legitimacy of Governance
Giuliana B. Prato and Italo Pardo


Book Reviews
Björkman, L. ed. 2021. Bombay Brokers.
by Proshant Chakraborty

Cruces [Villalobos], F. 2022. Metropolitan Intimacies: An Ethnography on the Poetics of Daily Life .
by Margarida Fernandes

Taylor, M. N. 2021. Movement of the People: Hungarian Folk Dance, Populism, and Citizenship.
by László Kürti

Werthmann, K. 2023. City Life in Africa: Anthropological Insights.
by Dolores Koenig


Film and Video Reviews
The Letter: A Message for our Earth. Nicholas Brown
by Adriano Godoy

Wawan’s prayer . Directed by Robert Lemelson
by Freek Colombijn

All God’s Children. Robert Lemelson (Executive producer)
by Rachma Lutfiny Putri


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Errata Corrige

Vol 13 Issue 1, May 2023. On page 24, table 1, in the list of Departments (3rd in the row), Phycology should read Psychology.