Authors distributing, posting or re-using their own work


Under the Terms and Conditions of the Publication Agreement and Assignment of “First Publisher” Rights, Authors retain the right to re-use their Contribution, without seeking permission, in the following ways:

Prior to publication, Authors can privately share print or electronic copies of the draft Contribution, as submitted to Urbanities (i.e., the version before peer-review), with colleagues; post an abstract from, or the version of the draft Contribution on the Author’s personal web site or on the web site of the Author’s employer;


Posting after publication
Authors who want to share the final published version of their Contribution, or part of it, on their personal web site, on the web site of their employer or on a non-commercial(1) university repositories and scientific databases (e.g., ResearchGate,, etc.), must provide appropriate credit to the First Publisher and a direct active link to Urbanities platform (URL), using the following acknowledgement:

“This article was originally published in Urbanities, Volume, Issue/or Suppl. No, Month Year, and is available at

If changes are made, the following formula should be used:

“This is an abridged/adapted version of the article [Title], originally published in Urbanities, Volume, Issue/or Suppl. No, Month Year, and is available at

Posting  Special Issues and Supplements is subject to the same terms as individual contributions, and the appropriate credit should include the following acknowledgment

“This Special Issue/Supplement [Title] was originally published by Urbanities, Volume/Issue or Suppl. No, Month Year, and is available at

An email to the following address informing the Editors that the Contribution, Special Issue, or Supplement has been republished is welcome:


Distributing after publication
• After publication, Authors can distribute on a not-to-profit basis(2) copies of the final published Contribution for personal teaching needs or to supply on an individual basis research colleagues. In all cases, Authors are required to provide the full bibliographic citation of the publication in Urbanities; that is: author/s, article title, Urbanities-Journal of Urban Ethnography, volume, issue/or supplement no., page numbers, and the active link to the published version on Urbanities platform (URL). 
Distribution of Special Issues and Supplements are subject to the same terms as individual published contributions;


At least 12 months after publication, use all or part of the Contribution in personal compilations, other publications of the Author’s work, or a new publication of which the Author is the editor or co-editor. Authors are required to notify Urbanities in advance and give appropriate credit to the First Publisher, including a direct active link to Urbanities platform/URL, using the acknowledgements formulas specified above .


  1. All commercial requests should be forwarded to:
  2.  Copies of the Contribution, of Special issues and Supplements, or any part of them, shall not be sold, distributed, or reproduced for commercial purposes (that is, for monetary gain on Contributor’s own account or on that of a third party, or for indirect financial gain by a commercial entity).
  • For any use of your work not stated above, please send your enquiries to:


Third party re-use of Contributions published in Urbanities

Contributions, Special Issues and Supplements, or any part of them, shall not be used for any systematic external distribution by a third party.

Apart from fair dealing for the purpose of teaching, research or private study, or criticism and review, Contributions, Special Issues and Supplements published in Urbanities may only be reproduced in any form and by any means with the prior permission in writing of Urbanities.

All requests by third parties to re-use the Contribution in whole or in part (including the use of substantial parts of the Contribution in another publication) shall be subject to the Author’s approval.

Requesting Permission for Images, Tables or Figures

Before requesting permission for an image, table or figure, please check the journal to be sure that the material you wish to reproduce is not credited to another source. Urbanities can grant permission only for material for which it holds or manages copyright. To re-use any material copyrighted to another source, please contact the copyright holder identified under the image/table/figure or in a credited section of the publication.