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Anthropology of Urban Inequalities: Weakened Citizenship in Italy
Italo Pardo

Flexibility and Flows: Work Time, Commute Time and Getting in Line
Cynthia Negrey

The First Wave Covid-19, the European Union and Psychosocial Effects: A Literature Review
Stamatina Douki, Stylianos Ioannis Tzagkarakis, Manos Spyridakis

Narrating Waste Chronicles Through Urban Ethnography: A Tale of Bhubaneswar
Swatiprava Rath and Pranaya Swain


Special Section-Part 2: Power Games and Symbolic Icons in Evolving Urban Landscapes
Guest Editor Giuliana B. Prato

Giuliana B. Prato

Symbolic Icons: Conflicting Visions of the Gowanus Canal
Jerome Krase

‘A city to look at’ and ‘presenting the world to the city’: ‘Worlding’ New Town, West Bengal
Debarun Sarkar


The 2022 IUS Field Training School and Research Seminar on Urban Ethnography and Theory
IUS Field Training School and Research Seminar on Urban Ethnography and Theory: Report and Research Abstracts
Italo Pardo and Giuliana B. Prato


Book Reviews
Agbiboa, D. 2022. They Eat Our Sweat: Transport Labor, Corruption,
and Everyday Survival in Urban Nigeria. Oxford: Oxford University Press
by Dolores Koenig

Murray, M. 2022. Many Urbanisms: Divergent Trajectories of Global City Building. New York: Columbia University Press
by Will Brown


Film and Video Reviews
Hengdian Dreaming. Directed by Shayan Momin. 2020.
by Smaranda Schiopu


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