Vol. 10 – Suppl. 4 – September 2020

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Table of Contents

Special Issue, City Life and Beyond in Times of Pandemic
Edited by Giuliana B. Prato

Introduction: Pandemic Emergency, Solidarity and Brutus Tactics
Giuliana B. Prato

Social Complexity, Pathogen Adaptation and Covid-19:
History of Disease Avoidance, Social Spacing and Work/Home Matrix

Niccolo Caldararo

A Social Anthropologist in Lockdown
Italo Pardo

Resilience Building in the Time of the Corona Virus
Mary Ellen Toffle

Learning to Live Differently: The Pandemic and the ‘Delhites’
Subhadra Mitra Channa

Reflecting on the Pandemic
Karolina Moretti

The Coronavirus Exceptional Days: From the Anthropologist’s Personal Perspective
Moshe Shokeid

The Unusual Frontier-worker
Marcello Mollica

COVID-19 and Funeral-by-Zoom
Alexandra Bitusikova

COVID-19: Full Teleworking in Greece
Manos Spyridakis

A New Life Beyond the Screen(s): My COVID-19 Re-Evolution
Monica De Cesare

Life in a time of COVID — 30 July 2020
Peter Jones

Life in the Time of Covid19 in a Hyper-Super-Gentrified Neighbourhood
Jerome Krase

Signalling ‘Crisis’ in an Affective Manner: Government,
Media and Public Cooperation during COVID-19 in South Korea

Liora Sarfati

Audience, TV Ratings and Digital Platforms:
Situating Pandemic Media Regulations in Turkey

Aylin Dağsalgüler

Pandemic, Protest, and Pandemonium: North Brooklyn, USA
Judith N. DeSena

COVID-19 and Community Supported Agriculture:
The Uncertain Promise of Food Security

Stuart Lang

Cinema and Digital Platforms:
Pandemic Configurations of Text, Context and Technology

Can Türe and Ebru Cigdem Thwaites Diken

Fighting through Credit: Financial Strategies during the Pandemic in Turkey
Z. Nurdan Atalay

Pandemic Ruptures
Giuliana B. Prato

Notes on Contributors