Vol 9 – No 2 – November 2019

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Table of Contents

The Reproduction of Neoliberal Urbanism Via an Idealized Cultural Amenity: The Farmers’ Market
Erin DeMuynck

Urban Regeneration: Understanding and Evaluating Bottom-up Projects
Alberto Squizzato

Spectral Cities: Death and Living Memories in the Dark Tourism of British Ghost Walks
Gavin Weston, Justin Woodman, Helen Cornish, Natalie Djohari

How to Edit a Building: Fieldnotes from the North American Brasilia
Travis Warren Cooper

The Gambiarra City: International Migrants’ Subjectivity and the Making of a Multi-Dimensional Urban Space in São Paulo
Simone Toji

Making Sociology Accessible in an Ohio Urban Prison: Facilitating
a Deeper Sociological Imagination Through ‘Ethnographic Seeing’

Robert A. Williams

The Singular and the Universal in Urban Ethnography: How Mechanism-based Explanations Enable Generalisability
Michalis Christodoulou

Ethnographic Perspectives on Slum-dwelling Women’s Access to Primary Care: The Case of Pune, India
Neha Verma Madan

Book Reviews
Nikhil Anand, Akhil Gupta & Hannah Appel (eds), 2018. The Promise
of Infrastructure. Durham & London: Duke University Press.
by Jenia Mukherjee

Richard Florida, 2018. The New Urban Crisis: How Our Cities Are Increasing Inequality,
Deepening Segregation, and Falling the Middle Class and What We can Do About It.
New York: Basic Books
by Z. Nurdan Atalay

Douglas, Gordon C. C., 2018. The Help-Yourself City:
Legitimacy and Inequality in DIY Urbanism. Oxford University Press.
by Wenonah Venter

Jenia Mukherjee (ed.), 2018. Sustainable Urbanization in India:
Challenges and Opportunities. Singapore: Springer Nature.
by Amiya Kumar Bagchi

Velasco Alenandro, 2015. Barrio Rising: Urban Politics
and the Making of Modern Venezuela. California: University of California Press.
by William Grady Holt

Film Reviews
Bloqueio (Block). Directed by Victoria Alvares and Quentin Delaroche. 2018.
76 minutes. Colour. Produced by Ponte Produções.
by Alex Vailati

Koukaki. A Neighbourhood in Transition. Directed by Zilan Dalgic
and Ismini Gatou. 2018. 100 minutes. Colour
by Raluca Bejan

Пукнатини (Cracks). Directed by Dimitra Kofti. 2018. 55 minutes. Colour.
by Alex McDonald

(Un)wash. Directed by Sophie Krabbe and Rosa Gelardi. 2018. 9 minutes.
Colour. Produced by Netherlands Institute of Athens (INA).
by Myriam Lamrani