Vol 8 – No 2 – November 2018

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Table of Contents

High-rise Buildings and Social Inequality:
Focusing on the Street Quarter of Mapo-ro in Seoul

Young-Jin Kim

Dating Tokyo: De-alienation of a Metropolis through Intimate Spaces
Vedrana Ikalovic and Darko Radovic

Localized Migrant Communities in the Absence of Ethnic Neighbourhoods:
A Glimpse into Moscow’s Ethnic Cafés

Evgeni Varshaver and Anna Rocheva

Special Section on Gentrification
Introduction: On Gentrification
Jerome Krase

Back on the Northside⸺by keexote, Winter 2018
A Poem by Kee Warner

Women and Gentrification: A Call for Further Research
Judith N. DeSena

Allston Christmas: How Local Rituals Reproduce Neighbourhood Temporality
and Deter Gentrification

Sarah Siltanen Hosman

Perceptions of Residential Displacement and Grassroots Resistance
to Anchor Driven Encroachment in Buffalo, NY

Robert Silverman, Henry Taylor, Li Yin, Camden Miller, Pascal Buggs

Commercial Gentrification in a Medium-Sized City: An Ethnographic Look
at the Transformation Process of the Historic Centre of A Coruña (Spain)

Alberto Rodríguez-Barcón, Estefanía Calo, Raimundo Otero-Enríquez

On David-William Gibson’s The Edge Becomes the Center
Leonard Nevarez

Review Article
Intellectual Fashion and Sustainable Urban Policies
Giuliana B. Prato

Book Reviews
Kayhan Delibaş .2015. Risk Toplumu: Belirsizlikler ve Söylentiler Sosyolojisi
(Risk Society: The Sociology of Uncertainties and Rumors). Ayrıntı Yayınları
by Z. Nurdan Atalay

Ilay Romain Örs. 2018. Diaspora of the City, Stories of Cosmopolitanism
from Istanbul and Athens. Palgrave Macmillan,
by Manos Spyridakis

James Rosbrook-Thompson and Gary Armstrong. 2018.
Mixed-Occupancy Housing in London: A Living Tapestry. Palgrave Macmillan.
by Niccolo Caldararo

Manos Spyridakis Market Versus Society: Anthropological Insights.
Palgrave Macmillan
by Jerome Krase

Film Reviews
A Memory in Three Acts. Directed by Inadelso Cossa
by Christos Varvantakis

Delta Park. Directors/Screenwriters: Karine de Villers and Mario Brenta
by Myriam Lamrani

Worlds on Edge. Directors: Thiago B. Mendonça and Renata Jardim
by Gustavo Racy

Portrait of China. Directed by Mathias Nordby
by Victoria Nguyen

Bricks. Directed by Quentin Ravelli
by Plácido Muñoz