Vol 7 – No 1 – May 2017

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Table of Contents

The Housing Crisis and Homelessness: A San Francisco Ethnography
Niccolò Caldararo

The Visual Impact of Islam:
A Special Focus on Turkish Migration to the United States and Europe

Jerome Krase and Timothy Shortell

The Zone à Defendre of Notre-Dame-des-Landes in France:
An Ambivalent Space for Social Critique

Sonja Schüler

The First Ever Lebanese Non-Religious Marriage:
An Ethnography from a Beirut Secular Setting

Benedetta Panchetti

Special Section On the Anthropology of Corruption – Editorial Note

Who is Corrupt?
Anthropological Reflections on the Moral, the Criminal and the Borderline

Italo Pardo

Corruption between Public and Private Moralities:
The Albanian Case in a Comparative Perspective
Giuliana B. Prato

Review Article
Uncanny and Dystopian City: An Analysis of Siva
Deepthi Krishna

Book Reviews 
Adriana Allen, Andrea Lampis, and Mark Swilling (eds) (2016).
Untamed Urbanisms.
London: Routledge and International Social Science Council.
by Margarida Fernandes

Evrick Brown and Timothy Shortell (eds) (2016). Walking in Cities:
Quotidian Mobility as Urban Theory, Method, and Practice.
Philadelphia: Temple University Press.
by Robin Smith

Shirley Jordan and Christoph Lindner (eds) (2016). Cities Interrupted:
Visual Culture and Urban Space. Oxford: Bloomsbury Publishing
by Younes Saramifar

Jerome Krase and Judith N. DeSena (2016). Race, Class,
and Gentrification in Brooklyn. A view from the street.
New York, London, Lexington Books.
by Michel Rautenberg

Sophia Labadi and William Logan (eds.) (2016). Urban Heritage, Development
and Sustainability. International frameworks, national and local governance.
Oxon and New-York, Routledge.
by Manon Istasse

Marcello Mollica (ed.) (2016). Fundamentalisms: Ethnographies
on Minorities, Discrimination, and Transnationalism. London: LIT Verlag.
by Kelly McNeal

On Rich Immigrants
Alex Vailati and Carmen Rial (eds) (2016). Migration of Rich Immigrants:
Gender, Ethnicity, and Class. New York: Palgrave Macmillan
Reviews by Robyn Andrews and by José Mapril

Film Reviews
Elephant’s Dream. Directed by Kristof Bilsen. (2014). 72 minutes
Colour. Distributed by Documentary Educational Recourses.
by Christos Varvantakis

Leaving Greece. Directed by Anna Brass. (2013).
Colour. Produced by Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film.
by Tugba Basaran

Night Café. Directed by Ligia Dabul. (2011). 10 minutes.
Colour. Produced by Núcleo de Estudos Cidadania, Trabalho e Arte
(NECTAR), Fluminense Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
by Patricia Reinheimer

Bruit qui apporte l’argent. Directed by Konrad Pilot (2013).
41 minutes. Colour.
by Jamie Furniss

Messages Musicaux- Le Sénégal en transformation.
Directed by Cornelia Strasser. (2013). 72 minutes.
Colour. Produced by Cornelia Strasser, Rolf Schmid, FAMA FILM AG.
by Fotini Tsibiridou