Vol 5 – No 2 – November 2015

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Table of Contents

Brooklyn Revisited:
An Illustrated View from the Street 1970 to the Present

Judith N. DeSena and Jerome Krase

Designing Brazil’s New Middle Class:
Economic science and welfare policies in the making of a social category

Moisés Kopper

The Neo-liberal Research Shredder: The Study That Never Was
Judy Arnold Rogers and Talbot W. Roger

Review Article
Attachments to Inhospitable Places
Jerome Krase

Conference Reports
The Global Financial Crisis and the Moral Economy: Local Impacts and Opportunities
Jerome Krase

Sustainable Urbanization in India: Challenges and Opportunities
Jenia Mukherjee

Completed Doctoral Dissertation
The New Boundary:
Everyday Practices of Urban and Domestic Space in Post-war Sarajevo

Zaira Tiziana Lofranco

Book Reviews
Matthew Bell and Gary Armstrong (2014). Steel and Grace:
Sheffield’s Olympic Track and Field Medallists. Bennion Kearney Limited.
by Steve Hodkinson

Matthew Gandy (2014). The Fabric of Space:
Water, modernity, and the Urban imagination
Cambridge Massachusetts, London England: The MIT Press.
by Michel Rautenberg

Andrew Gorman-Murray and Peter Hopkins (eds) (2014). Masculinities and place.
Farnham: Ashgate.
by László Kürti

Susannah Hagan (2015). Ecological Urbanism: The Nature of the City.
London and NewYork: Routledge.
by Subhadra Mitra Channa

Film and Video Reviews
Volveremos. Director Ignacio Fradejas-García. 2008. 57 minutes.
B & W and Colour. Distributed by Nomadas em Acción. DVD
by Matias Godio

Dell’arte della guerra (On the Art of War). Directed by Silvia Luzi and Luca Bellino.
2012. 85 minutes. Distributed by Lab 80 Film, Indieair Films, Tfilm.
by Ana Luiza Carvalho da Rocha and Cornelia Eckert

Cast in India. Directed by Natasha Raheja. 2014. 26 minutes, Colour.
Produced by The Program in Culture and Media, Department of Anthropology,
New York University..
by Vijaylakshmi Brara

A Media Archaeology of Boston. Directed by Jesse Shapins and Olga Touloumi.
2013. 120 minutes. B & W and Colour. Distributed by Documentary Educational
Resources. DVD
by Fernando Monge

The Shebabs of Yarmouk. Directed by Axel Salvatori-Sinz, 2013.
78 minutes. Colour, Distributed by DOCKS 66.
by Fotini Tsibiridou

J.M. Mondésir. Directed by Alice Colomer-Kang. 2012. 24 minutes.
Colour. Distributed by Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains.
by K. Mariquian Ahouansou