Vol 4 – No 1 – May 2014

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Redefining Value Through the Lens of Affordable Home-ownership target=”
Jill Siegel

The Identity Construction of Asylum Seekers in Turin ,Italy”
Giulia Borri, Brigida Orria and Alex Vailati

Social Poetics, Emotional Engagement and Cultural Critique in Istanbul: When Liminality Matters in the Social Movements
Fotini Tsibiridou

Who is ‘World Class’? Transportation Justice and Bicycle Policy
Melody Lynn Hoffmann and Adonia Lugo


Public Space Between Politics and Society
Sergio Marotta


Research Reports
European Cities and Temporary Protection Statuses:
A Multi-sited Ethnography of Housing Practices in Turin and Berlin
Giulia Borri

On the Sectarian Dynamics of Law in South Lebanon: A Research Report
Marcello Mollica


Completed Doctoral Dissertations

Our Bikes in the Middle of the Street:
Community-building, Racism and Gentrification in Urban Bicycle Advocacy
Melody L. Hoffmann

Development in Europe: Ideas, Discourses and Strategies of European Cohesion Policy
Enrico Sacco

Objects of Worship: Material Culture in the Production
of Shamanic Rituals in South Korea
Liora Sarfati

Reconstructing Solidarity: Communicative Action in Fair Trade Organizations
Ivano Scotti

The House That Miss Ruby Built: Conceptions of Identity,
Value and Social Relationships in Limited Equity Cooperatives
Jill Siegel


Book Reviews
Flavia Cangià (2013). Performing the Buraku:
Narratives on Cultures and Everyday Life In Contemporary Japan, Lit Verlag
by Joy Hendry

Brigit Obrist, Veit Arit and Elísio Macamo (eds) (2013). Living The City In Africa:
Processes of Invention and Intervention. Zürich: Lit Verlag
by Henk Pauw

Kokot, Waltraud (ed.) (2012) Living and Working in Sofia: Ethnographies of Agency,
Social Relations and Livelihood Strategies in the Capital of Bulgaria. Münster: Lit
by Dimitra Kofti

Astrid Wonneberger (ed.). 2011. Cultural Contrasts in Dublin:
A Montage of Ethnographic Studies. Germany: Lit Verlag
by Fiona Murphy

Sharon Zukin, Naked City: The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Places
(Oxford University Press, 2010)
by Yankel Fijalkow