Vol 3 – No 2 – November 2013

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Brazil, a New Eldorado for Immigrants?: The case of Haitians and the Brazilian Immigration Policy
Sidney Antonio da Silva

‘We don’t need to copy anyone’: César Manrique and the Creation of a Development Model for Lanzarote

Maria Giulia Pezzi

Under the Messina Bridge: Conflict, Governance and Participation

Enrico Sacco and Ivano Scotti

Lithuanians in Norway: Between ‘Here’ and ‘There’

Darius Daukšas

The Exhibition of Communist Objects and Symbols in Berlin’s Urban Landscape as Alternative Narratives of the Communist Past

Marie Hocquet


Forum ‘Urban Anthropology’
‘Urban Anthropology’ by  Giuliana B. Prato and Italo Pardo
Comments and Reflections by Stephan Feuchtwang, Michael Fischer and Maria Kokolaki, Rosemary Harris, Michael Herzfeld, Jerome Krase, Subhadra Mitra Channa, Moshe Shokeid, Alex Weingrod)

Italo Pardo: Placing Urban Anthropology: Synchronic and Diachronic Reflections International Conference
Guido Vergauwen: Welcome Address – International Conference on Placing Urban Anthropology: Synchronic and Diachronic Reflections

Some Key Concepts in the Understanding of Contemporary Societies
Brigida Marovelli

Amateur Music-making as Urban Politics

Tommaso Napoli


Navigating Confined Fluidity: The Power of the ‘Dash’ in Greek-America
Konstantinos Ardavanis

Beirut and Reconstruction Issues: The Case of the District of Hamra and of Downtown
Maya Hélène Balhawan

Hispanic Women in Leadership: Perceptions of Their Roads to Successful Careers
Natalia Campbell

Transformations of the Work and the Workers of Steel in the Acesita
Fernando Firmo

Landscape, Practice, and Tradition in a Sicilian Market
Brigida Marovelli

A Sociological Study of Women with Psycho-Social Distress in a Resettlement Colony in Delhi
Mahima Nayar

Selling the (Post) Industrial City: Capitalism, Power and Image Policies in Roubaix and Sheffield (1945-2010)
Max Rousseau

Blood, Identity and Truth: Memories of the Dictatorial Past in Argentina
Liliana Lopes Sanjurjo

Identification, Discrimination and Communication: Khorezmian Migrants in Tashkent
Rano Turaeva-Hoehne

Narrating the Landscape of Delhi: An Anthropological Study of Urban Space
Kim Young Jin



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by Alex Vailati

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by Zdeněk Uherek