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Thirty Years of Research in Fairfax, Marin County and the Problem of Community in Housing Policy
Niccolo Caldararo

Disaggregated Service Modalities Beyond Formality-Informality: Through Everyday Practices around Water Kiosks in Visakhapatnam
Srilekha Ati and Suchismita Satpathy


Special Section — Essays from the IUS Monthly Seminar Series 2023-2024 on “Urban Ethnography and Theory”

Editorial Note

The Sense of an Ending: Ageing and Coping in the Words of the Boys
Gary Armstrong and James Rosbrook-Thompson

Becoming Urban? Seeing Amish Legitimacy Versus Technocapitalism
Robert A. Williams

From Rural Outcasts to Urban Cosmopolitans: Spiritual Healers in Seoul
Liora Sarfati


Book Reviews
Barua, M. 2023. Lively Cities: Reconfiguring Urban Ecology.
by Proshant Chakraborty

Bratchford, G. and Zuev, D. (eds). 2023. Vision & Verticality: A Multidisciplinary Approach.
by Jerome Krase

Caldararo, N. 2019. An Ethnography of the Goodman Building: The Longest Rent Strike.
by Gary Armstrong

Karner, T. X. 2023. Making a Scene! How Visionary Individuals Created an International Photography Scene in Houston, Texas.
by Jerome Krase

Pardo, I. and Prato, G. B. (eds). 2023. The Legitimacy of Healthcare
and Public Health: Anthropological Perspectives.
by Ipsita Pradhan


Film and Video Reviews
Soccer Fans: Life, Passion, and Death in the Soccer Country. Directed by Gastaldo Édison.
by Caroline Soares de Almeida

The Rise of the Human 3. Directed by Williams Eduardo.
by Lucas Martinelli


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