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Challenges Faced During a Pandemic: Remote Ethnography and a Renegotiation of Ethics
Kirsty Stuart Jepsen

Digital and Social Inequalities and the Post-Coronial University: A Greek Case
Yiannis Zaimakis and Chara Kokkinou

Dissecting an Indian Immigrant’s Holistic Experience of Postpartum Depression: A Medical Anthropology Perspective
Tanay Subramanian

The Gender Face of Land Expropriation in the Rural-Urban Interfaces of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Teshome Emana Soboka

Changing Faces of Kolkata Periphery: Sonapur Urban Fringe, India
Priyadarshini Sen

Locating Cultural Practice: Territorialisation and Legitimisation in Prague’s Cultural Centres
Michal Lehečka

Labor Migration during the War: State Regulation, Integration into the Economic System and Migration Policy
Oleg M. Yaroshenko, Roman V. Shapoval, Nataliia O. Melnychuk, Dmytro V. Luchenko, Nataliia M. Shvets


Book Reviews
Krase, J and DeSena, J. N. 2023. Covid-19 in Brooklyn: Everyday Life during a Pandemic.
by Subhadra Mitra Channa

Sadana, R. 2022. The Moving City: Scenes from the Delhi Metro and the Social Life of Infrastructure .
by Proshant Chakraborty

Taylor, M. N. 2021. Movement of the People: Hungarian Folk Dance, Populism, and Citizenship.
by László Kürti

Werthmann, K. 2023. City Life in Africa: Anthropological Insights.
by Dolores Koenig


Film and Video Reviews
A Conquista do Oeste [How the West Was Won]. Directed by Isabel Joffily
by Rodrigo Agueda

The Joker. Directed and produced by Todd Phillips
by Massimiliano Maidano

El Lado quieto (The Still Side). Directed by Miko Revereza, Carolina Fusilier
by Carmen Rial and Cornelia Eckeret

Rolê – Stories of Brazilians protests in malls. Directed by Vladimir Seixas
by Gustavo de Q. Mesquita Farias


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