Vol. 12 – No. 1 – May 2022

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Table of Contents


The Town of Široki Brijeg: Between Hills, Stigmas and Hegemonies
Massimiliano Maidano

Quotidian Mobility and Community Activism
Evrick Brown

Chinese Engagement in Africa: Rhetoric and Reality
Anand Singh


Special Section-Part 1: Power Games and Symbolic Icons in Evolving Urban Landscapes
Guest Editor Giuliana B. Prato

Introductory Note: Power Games and Symbolic Icons in Evolving Urban Landscapes
Giuliana B. Prato

The Legitimacy of Urban Things: Cuenca Between Heritage and Modernisation
Sam Rumé

Eroding History and Creating Myths: The Name-Game in Urban Delhi
Subhadra Mitra Channa

The Visibility of Georgian Hagia Sophia: Urban Religious Transformation in Poti, Georgia
Boris Komakhidze


Book Reviews
P. Kuppinger (ed.). 2021. Emergent Spaces: Change and Innovation in Small Urban Spaces. New York: Palgrave Macmillan
by Adriana Hurtado-Tarazona

J. Tiemann-Kollipost. 2020. Political Participation in the Digital Age: An Ethnographic Comparison Between Iceland and Germany. Columbia University Press
by Will Brown


Film and Video Reviews
The boss. Directed by Mehdi Balamissa.
by Federica Moretti

Radio Riders. Directed by Fabio Corbellini and Paola Piscitelli.
by Montserrat Cañedo and Diego Allen-Perkins

Afrosampas. Directed by Rose Satiko, G. Hikiji and Jasper Chalcraft.
by Ana Lúcia Ferraz