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Table of Contents

Welcome Letter from the Chair – Why the CUA Journal, Urbanities
Giuliana B. Prato

Editorial Inaugural Issue: Urbanities 
Ilka Thiessen

An Ethnography of Land Market in Albania’s Post-Socialist Informal Areas 
Nebi Bardhoshi

Olympicization: Growing for Gold 
Iain Lindsey

YouTube and the Urban Experience Embodied 
Lesley Braun

The Pastoral, Nostalgia, and Political Power in Leipzig, Germany 
Amitai Touval

Environmental Activism, Corruption and Local Responses to the
EU Enlargement: Case Studies from Eastern and Western Europe
Davide Torsello

Guest Articles
After the Murdoch Affair: A Better Ethics? 
Alfonso Ruffo

Research Reports
Immigrant Women and Entrepreneurship in Greece 
Marina Petronoti

Review Articles
Multiculturalism: Theoretical Challenges from Anthropology 
Rosemary Harris.

Book Review
I. Pardo and G.B. Prato (eds), Citizenship and the Legitimacy of Governance:
Anthropology in the Mediterranean Region. Farnham: Ashgate. 2010. 
Wolfgang Kaltenbacher.

Completed Doctoral Dissertations
Memory, Oblivion and Imaginary Realms. Study of two Centres of the Communist Memory
in East Berlin: The Palace of the Republic and the Stasi Museum.
Marie Hocquet

Making Video Games and Microcomputers a Cultural Heritage – Online and Offline
Ethnography of a Hobbist Community. 
Jean-Baptiste Clais

Modernization and Change in China: Anthropological and Social Stakes: The Renovation of
the Residential Districts lived by a Community of Dwellers in Harbin. 
Kamel Labdouni.

Conference Report 
Report on the 2011 CUA Conference, Market vs Society? Human Principles
and Economic Rational in Changing Times
Manos Spyridakis

Forthcoming Events