Vol 5 – No 1 – May 2015

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Perspectives in the Study of Indigenous Migration to Cities in Mexico
Victoria Chenaut

Ostranenie in Cape Town
Giovanni Spissu

When Network doesn’t Work:
Strangers’ Encounter and Awkwardness in Urban China

Rumin Luo

Special Section:
Women’s Entrepreneurship in a Globalizing World
Guest Editor
Subhadra Mitra Channa
Subhadra Mitra Channa
Banking the Unbanked: Women and Microfinance in India
Patricia Antoniello
Buying and Selling Between Different Worlds: The Rabidantes from Cape Verde
Andréa Lobo
Wayfinding Women: The Generation of Landscapes and Society through Female Entrepreneurship
Cynthia Fowler

Abstracts: Sidney Perutz: Gender Scrambling: A New Comparative Advantage of International Capital;
Jan Delacourt: ‘I couldn’t just sit around at home!’: North African Women Living in Imperia, Italy; Vijaylakshmi Brara: Women Entrepreneurs in Manipur: Their Institution and Their Entrepreneurship

Review Article
A Haven of Affectionate Relationships: Uses and Gratifications of Lesbigay Semi-Formal Groups
Amit Kama

Conference Report
Dreamed/planned cities and experienced cities
Michel Rautenberg and Corine Vedrine

Completed Doctoral Dissertatioons
The Seduction of Football:
Youth and Sport for Development and Peace in Post-Conflict Liberia
Holly Collison
Tattoos and Other Body – piercing Operations: Inter – ethnographic Approaches Between Recife and Madrid.

Fabiana Maria Gama Pereira
The War of Positions: Football in Post – Conflict Bosnia – Herzegovina
Emily Kate Vest

Rosemary Harris (1930 – 2015) – A Commemoration
Obituary – by Giuliana B. Prato; Tributesby Gary Armstrong, John Gedhill, Italo Pardo, Manos Spyridakis and Pier Paolo Viazzo; Eulogyby James Fraser and Paul Monaghan

Book Reviews
Margaret F. Brinig and Nicole Stelle Garnett (2014).
Lost Classroom, Lost Community: Catholic Schools’
Importance in Urban America.
Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

by Kelly McNeal

Victor Buchli (2013).
An Anthropology of Architecture.
London: Bloomsbury.

by Nathalie Boucher

Laurence Ralph (2014).
Renegade Dreams:
Living Through Injury in Gangland Chicago.
University of Chicago Press,

by Francesca Froy

Christine J. Walley (2013). Exit Zero. Family and Classin Postindustrial Chicago.
Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
by Fernando Monge

Film and Video Reviews
Playing with Nan.
Directed by Dipesh Kharel and Asami Saito. 2012.
88 minutes. Colour. Distributed by The Royal Anthropological Institute. DVD.

bySudha Mohan

Under the Palace Wall.
Directed by David MacDougal. 2014.
53 minutes. Colour. Distributed by Royal Anthropological Institute. DVD.

by Vijaylakshmi Brara

Delhi At Eleven.
Directed by Ravi Shivare, Anshu Singh, Aniket
Kumar Kashyap and Kumar Dalsus. 2013.
82 minutes. Colour. Distributed by The Royal
Anthropological Institute. DVD.

by Margarita del Olmo