Vol 3 – No 2 – November 2013

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Brazil, a New Eldorado for Immigrants?: The case of Haitians and the Brazilian Immigration Policy

Sidney Antonio da Silva

‘We don’t need to copy anyone’: César Manrique and the Creation of a Development Model for Lanzarote

Maria Giulia Pezzi

Under the Messina Bridge: Conflict, Governance and Participation

Enrico Sacco and Ivano Scotti

Lithuanians in Norway: Between ‘Here’ and ‘There’

Darius Daukšas

The Exhibition of Communist Objects and Symbols in Berlin’s Urban Landscape as Alternative Narratives of the Communist Past

Marie Hocquet

– ‘Urban Anthropology’
(Giuliana B. Prato and Italo Pardo)
– Comments and Reflections
(by Stephan Feuchtwang, Michael Fischer and Maria Kokolaki, Rosemary Harris, Michael Herzfeld, Jerome Krase, Subhadra Mitra Channa, Moshe Shokeid, Alex Weingrod)
– Placing Urban Anthropology: Synchronic and Diachronic Reflections International Conference
(Italo Pardo)
– Welcome Address – International Conference on Placing Urban Anthropology: Synchronic and Diachronic Reflections
(Guido Vergauwen)

– Legitimacy, Authority and Power: Some Key Concepts in the Understanding of Contemporary Societies
Brigida Marovelli

– Amateur Music-making as Urban Politics
Tommaso Napoli

– Navigating Confined Fluidity: The Power of the ‘Dash’ in Greek-America
Konstantinos Ardavanis

– Beirut and Reconstruction Issues: The Case of the District of Hamra and of Downtown
Maya Hélène Balhawan

– Hispanic Women in Leadership: Perceptions of Their Roads to Successful Careers
Natalia Campbell

– Transformations of the Work and the Workers of Steel in the Acesita
Fernando Firmo

– Landscape, Practice, and Tradition in a Sicilian Market
Brigida Marovelli

– A Sociological Study of Women with Psycho-Social Distress in a Resettlement Colony in Delhi
Mahima Nayar

– Selling the (Post) Industrial City: Capitalism, Power and Image Policies in Roubaix and Sheffield (1945-2010)
Max Rousseau

– Blood, Identity and Truth: Memories of the Dictatorial Past in Argentina
Liliana Lopes Sanjurjo

– Identification, Discrimination and Communication: Khorezmian Migrants in Tashkent
Rano Turaeva-Hoehne

– Narrating the Landscape of Delhi: An Anthropological Study of Urban Space
Kim Young Jin

André Cicalo (2012), Urban Encounters. Affirmative Action and Black Identities in Brazil.
New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
by Alex Vailati

John. C. Kilburn Jr. and S.E. Costanza (2011), Salvation City: Halfway House Stories.
Youngstown, NY: Teneo Press
by Kathryn S. Krase

Waltraud Kokot, Christian Giordano, Mijal GandelsmanTrier (Eds.) (2013), Diaspora as Resource: Comparative Studies in Strategies, Networks and Urban Space
Lit Verlag: Berlin.
by Moshe Shokeid

Tsypylma Darieva, Wolfgang Kaschuba, Melanie Krebs (eds.) (2011) Urban Spaces after Socialism: Ethnographies of Public Places in Eurasian Cities.
Frankfurt/Main: Campus Verlag.
by Zdeněk Uherek